Dream Big 2016

We took a group of 19 students to Orlando during the last week of May 2016. The Dream Big trip was the first of its kind here at NCA and it was a huge success! Here are some of the details:

Trip Highlights: Tour Campus Crusade, Participate in Disney's Youth Educational Series, Tour one of Orlando’s leading Fortune Five Hundred Companies, Tour and meet with an Advisor of the University of Central Florida, and other fun excursions. Accommodations at Five-Star Bonnet Creek Resort.

Objectives: Survey Leaders in the Five Epicenters of Culture. Help students begin to find their unique voice in the world and use their voice to change their world. At Northwest Christian Academy our main goal is Christian education for world change and we believe that world change occurs one student at a time, teaching them to influence one person at a time. World change occurs best when students understand their God-given gifts and are empowered to use them for His glory and for the advancement of His kingdom. 

Main Objectives:

  1. Explore the Five Epicenters of Culture: 1) Religious/Philosophical 2) Business/Finance 3) Law/Politics 4) Arts/Entertainment 5) Social Services. An epicenter of culture is one of the major areas of concentrated influence that drive the world around us. Since we believe leadership training is a means of preparing students to be an agent of change, it is important that we lay the foundation early by exposing our students to leaders, in the various epicenters, who are making a significant impact.
  2. Examine the Five Learning Disciplines: 1) Humanities 2) Math and Sciences 3) Fine Arts 4) Visual Arts 5) Athletics. Students will examine how the student of a particular learning discipline will help them be better prepared to impact a particular epicenter of culture. 
  3. Examine the Five Points of Christian Education: 1) Biblical Worldview Development 2) Critical Thinking/Skills Development 3) Communicative Development 4) Health Management 5) Resource Management. Students will understand the connection between the development of these core skills and their development as people of influence. 

The Five Epicenters of Culture (w/ Trip Itinerary):

Social Service (Police, Fire, Medical, Education) - University of Central Florida (UCF)
Philosophical/Religious - Campus Crusade, Southeastern
Arts/Entertainment - Epcot/Hollywood Studios @Disney, Full Sail
Finance/Business - CHEP USA
Law/Politics - Campus Crusade
College Tours - University of Central Florida, Florida Polytechnic, Southeastern, Full Sail

Testimonials from the Students:

"The visit to CHEP was very informative. Hearing from the people on the panel was very inspirational. I learned that hard work, dedication, and self discipline will take you very far in life. This visit also made me think about taking a different career path . . . The visit to Epcot was fun and full of learning. My favorite visit was the one to campus crusade. This place was amazing and the different type of things that [they] are doing is really cool. I would love to come back and help people the same way that they are helping people." - Jelisah Desgraves, 9th grade

"We went to many colleges and only 3 stood out to me. These 3 were UCF, Full Sail, and Florida Polytechnic. Before going to these colleges I thought I would only go to UM. Now I have to rethink everything even my major. This Orlando trip gave me many variations of the world and leadership. I think I will most remember the experience of being out of town with people who want me to succeed and be a leader. I hope next year I will be able to go again." - Andre Finch,  9th grade

"I am so happy that my mom allowed me to go on this SLI retreat, I had a really good time.  I enjoyed the hotel, Epcot, and just spending time with my friends. We visited some really interesting and cool places, and we met a lot of good people. There’s not a lot about the trip that I would change, except the amount of walking that we had to do. There were places I enjoyed the most: Campus Crusade, Epcot, and Full Sail University. Some of the people at Cru had really good stories about life. I had fun at Epcot and Full Sail was filled with so much creativity. I learned so much about leadership and ways to make myself become a better leader. I really enjoyed the trip and I’m looking forward to next year’s trip." - Sydney James, 9th grade 

"Overall this was an amazing trip and I enjoyed it. I learned a lot from it about leadership, and I also made better relationships just by experiencing it with my friends."  - McNee Ulysse, 9th grade

"I think that the devotions were good, and an essential part of the trip. I learned that The Leadership Formula includes holiness, vision, and commitment. I also learned that the only thing that matters is our heart. It won’t matter how many times we go to church, or how much we read the Bible. It only matters if we are willing to let God into our hearts." - Bryce Johnson, 10th grade

"The fact that we both learned and had fun on this retreat was what made it so great. Not only did we have opportunities that most high school students could dream of, but we had a chance to fellowship with our peers and mentors getting to know them all better in Christ."  - Benjamin Wilson, 10th grade

"The trip was an absolute success, I enjoyed every part, and I had so much fun. The devotions were very touching because Mr. Nelson explained us the true meaning of leadership skills, with holiness, the call, discipleship, vision, and commitment to achieve transformation. The corporate visits were very fun as well. Chep was an interesting place to visit because this is the company that transports panels to other companies to use. They are very reliable, and very helpful to these companies. Disney was actually enjoyable too we went to Epcot, and enjoyed the interesting facts that Disney had to offer. Also we were taught intense leadership tips, and how to treat others. The college visits were immensely fun, we visited very different types of colleges, small, huge, techy, and Christian. Overall I had fun visiting Orlando with the students, and I look forward to going to D.C next year."  - Tennyson Morisset, 11th grade

"I had a great time on this trip, I would do it a hundred times again if I could . . .The most important part that I gained from this trip is leadership. I always thought leadership was about trying to be better than everyone else and being better than the rest. But on this trip I learned that a leader should be well rounded in inspiring others, focusing on others, practice what you say and listen to their problems so you would know how to approach them better next time. Leadership isn't about you but about serving others around you. Thank you Mr. Nelson for your hard work, dedication, sacrifice amd most of all caring for each and every one of us. We appreciate you."   - Princess Nwankwo, 12th grade