Attendance Policy


Students are expected to be in attendance every day. Students absent in excess of 20 days may not receive credit for the school year or may be required to attend summer school. Exceptions to these circumstances may be made by the administration.

A student is tardy to school if they are not in homeroom by 8:00 a.m. When tardy, students must report to the school office to be signed in. The following outlines the tardy policy for each department. Elementary An unexcused tardy occurs when parents fail to sign in their student in the school office when arriving after 8:00 a.m. Three unexcused tardies equal one absence. Secondary Middle and high school students who are tardy to school will be issued demerits. Three tardy occurrences will result in a Saturday detention and a detention will be charged to the student’s account. Three unexcused tardies equal one absence. Arriving tardy to a class, without a pass, is unacceptable. Teachers will issue demerits for tardiness.

Excused Absence
When excused absences occur, it is requested that parents call (305) 685-8734 by 8:30 a.m. or as soon as possible to let the school know the reason for the student’s absence. All parents are requested to send a note with their child explaining the reason for the absence. The following are considered excused absences: • Illness • Death in the immediate family • Medical appointment Class work missed during an excused absence must be made up. The student must initiate arrangements to make up work. A student who has missed school because of an excused absence will have the number of school days missed plus one to make up his or her work.

Unexcused Absence
An absence not condoned by the school may result in a zero for assignments that were missed. The following are considered unexcused absences: 

• No call or note is received from the parent
• Truancy (defined by the State as an absence not reported)
• Suspension Excuse from Class Students will only be permitted to leave a class in the case of an emergency.

Note: If a student becomes ill during the school day, the student must report to the school office. Approval must be obtained from a parent or legal guardian before the student is released.