Our Priorities

School Safety and Sustainability

Create, maintain, and enhance those features that contribute to the physical and emotional safety of students, staff, and parents and
continue to allow the community to have access to the benefits of a Christian education.

Staff Efficiency and Effectiveness

Provide the resources and training to ensure that both instructional and non-instructional staffs execute their responsibilities
in a manner that contributes to the overall efficacy of the instructional program.

Quality Instructional Program

Provide a quality instructional program that fulfills the institutions vision to produce Christian thinkers and communicators by ensuring
instructional staff competency and professional development in content and pedagogy; in addition imploring the most effective techniques
that contribute to student intellectual and physical development.

Parent and Community Partnerships

Partner with parents and community leaders to support school safety and sustainability, staff efficiency and effectiveness, and quality instructional programs through capital development and the establishment, maintenance, and continue development of an educational endowment.