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PAYMENT DATE CHANGES: If you have requested a payment date change, please be sure you have provided the date that you wish your payment to be rescheduled to. For example: if your payment is currently scheduled to be pulled on the 5th of the month, you will need to provide an alternate date of withdrawal on the 10th.

SPLIT PAYMENTS: If you have requested to spread your upcoming payment over an extended period within a given month, the request must specify the amounts to be split and the days to be withdrawn. For example, if you have a payment to be withdrawn on the 5th of the month totaling $900 and you want this spread within the month, you can specify to have $600 withdrawn on the 5th and the balance of $300 withdrawn on the 20th of the month. 

Note: You are allowed up to 2 payment date changes per school year without an administrative charge. On the third request, a $50 administrative charge will be incurred on the next billing statement.


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What is used for? (see below)

INFORMATION ON NEW CHARGES: If you have a question on new charges that have been added to your regular monthly FACTS tuition, be sure you have provided the detail of the charge you need explanation for.

EXTENDED CARE/CAFETERIA CHARGE DISPUTES: If you are disputing an Extended Care or Cafeteria charge, please provide details regarding your dispute. Based on the information provided, the finance department will investigate your case and reply with their findings as soon as possible.