10 Commandments of Coaching

10 Commandments of Coaching


  1. I am the LORD your God: You shall have no other gods before Me

Coaches are Christians first, coaches second. Coaches are expected to be leaders, instructors, and teachers. They will be a living example of what a follower of Christ ought to be.


  1. Thou shall not take the name of SPORTSMANSHIP in vain

Coaches will provide a Christian atmosphere conducive to good sportsmanship. Win with integrity, and NEVER use offensive language in students’ presence.


  1. Remember to keep holy the GAME day

There will be no arguing with referees from coaches or players, and no disrespecting the opponent.


  1. Honor your mothers’ and your fathers’…

HOWEVER, coaches are responsible for the actions of their parents’ and any supporters attending. Any attendee acting insubordinately will be subject to removal from NCA premises.


  1. Thou shall not kill…

A student-athlete’s confidence.  NEVER degrade a student’s athletic ability, but provide constructive criticism as needed, instead.


  1. Thou shall COMMIT

To the league(s) schedule.  Issues in attendance should be brought to the Athletic Director ASAP.


  1. Thou shall not steal…

The spotlight, from your students.  The league is about them and their growth/enthusiasm for sport.


  1. Thou shall not bear false witness against your ADMINISTRATORS

Any concerns you may have should be addressed to the AD first. Respect the chain of command.


  1. Thou shall not covet…

Students from an opposing team. Teams will be organized in an attempt to be evenly competitive.


  1. Player safety

Coaches must aide in the inventory of their players’ arrival and departure of all practices/games. NEVER leave the premises until ALL student-athletes have been picked up.