New Facts / RenWeb Integration

FACTS Premier Billing

We are excited to bring the news that our parents FACTS and RenWeb accounts will be going through an upgrade to help simplify the user experience when its comes to student and financial information.

Many schools experience challenges around disconnected SIS and financial management systems, with their issues ranging from not having a single system of record to payment reconciliation being difficult and time-consuming. FACTS Premier Billing solves these frustrating issues by combining every school billing necessity into one experience.

FACTS schools who use Premier Billing benefit from a single experience for tuition payments, school lunch, childcare, incidental fees, family demographic management, and the application/enrollment/re-enrollment process.


Benefits for Families

Simplified Enrollment

Offer a faster, easier way for parents to enroll using Premier Billing. Parents simply select a payment plan as part of their enrollment/re-enrollment process.
Re-enrolling parents can pay registration fees using the stored bank account information in FACTS and view their enrollment fee payment in their FACTS financial activity.

Easy Login

Parents can view academic information and pay tuition and fees from any device with one username and password.
Premier Billing allows parents to access correspondence and account details, add funds to their prepay accounts, and make payments on tuition and bills from a single login.

Information Security

Your family data is kept under digital lock and key with the highest security standards in the industry.


Benefits for Schools

Information Management

Premier Billing makes the SIS the system of record for all school processes, including billing.
Use the power of consolidated student data to easily bill for cafeteria, childcare, class- or activity-based fees.
A centralized reporting system allows the business office to see all tuition and billing activity in one place.
Consolidated payment remittance means you have less bank deposits to reconcile.
Charges initiated in the SIS (i.e., lunch or childcare) display in real-time on billing reports and for parents.

Unified Experience

Premier Billing creates a cohesive experience for parents, with one password and one system for parents to access all school information: calendar, behavior, homework, and billing/financial information.
With Premier Billing’s streamlined processes, there’s no need to track down parents twice for enrollment/re-enrollment packet completion and payment plan set-up. Premier Billing allows schools to embed tuition plan selection as a required step in the enrollment/re-enrollment packet.
Application and enrollment fees are processed and included in the school’s consolidated FACTS remittance for easy reconciliation.


How to Access Your Account?

Your new single login will be through RenWeb's ParentsWeb account. This can be accessed from the schools website at

Once you are at the school website, hover your mouse over the "Login" menu on the right hand side and click on "ParentsWeb (Renweb/FACTS Access)"

The District Code for the school is NW-FL

If you forgot your username and password to ParentsWeb, click on "Forgot User Name/Password?" link (Please contact the school if you are still having issues logging in)