Thank You Mrs. Read

Dear NCA Family,


I wanted to publicly thank Mrs. Chantelle Read for her faithful service to NCA over the past five years. Her emergence as the Development Director was an unlikely path. She began as the sixth grade teacher when the position just opened up days earlier. I remember the call like it was yesterday - where I was standing and what I was doing prior. For both of us, that call was an answer to prayer. She only spent a year as the sixth grade teacher, as she transitioned into full-time motherhood in anticipation of her first child. For years, I had been wanting to establish a Development Department, but there never seemed to be a proper alignment of resources and personnel. Some years we would set aside the money in the budget, but not have the right person to fill the position. Other years, we would not have the money, but the need would be desperately felt. 


In the classroom, it became clear to all of us who observed, that Mrs. Read had all of the intangibles of being our next Development Director. But, again, we were in that cycle of the resources and the personnel not being available at the same time. So we established a part-time position called Special Events Coordinator. Mrs. Read and I spent the next six months discussing and planning some of the key events that have become staples on the NCA calendar, such as State of the School, All Awards Banquet, and all PASS events. Her success in executing these events, and the obvious giftedness she possessed, made it very easy to expand her responsibilities into a full-time Development Director role. The rest is history.


Mrs. Read truly exhibited and upheld our vision, mission, and core values. She was truly a servant-leader in all aspects. She also has faithfully taken up the challenge I have issued to all of our staff members over the years of making sure to leave a legacy behind that others can pick up and continue the work established. Mrs. Read has done just that. But what I believe to be her most important contribution to NCA history and, what I believe will be her lasting legacy, is how she built our PASS program. 


Our level of parental involvement would not have been possible without Mrs. Read’s dedication to excellence, her level of communication, her strong penchant for accountability and, most importantly, making sure that I gave her all the necessary materials to get the books together for each PASS class (ahead of time and not at the last minute…lol). She connected with our parents in ways that I would have never imagined. She took a vision of real parental engagement and made it a reality. We have all benefited from this. 


Thank you, Mrs. Read, for this wonderful gift you have left behind. I am grateful. I know others are as well. We did it. We proved to our community and, most importantly, to ourselves that parental involvement truly can transform a school.


It warms my heart to see those that I have worked with over the years move into positions of greater authority. It is my belief that when the Lord expands your territory, granting you greater authority in an area that utilizes the full range of our gifts, it is a sign to the world of genuine faithfulness. 


May God bless you, Mrs. Read, as you go SAVE THE WORLD!!