Student Survival Guides

The classroom is fertile ground for growth, for it is through the classroom that teachers, students, and parents partner together to deepen critical thinking skills, cultivate effective communication skills, and foster spiritual growth.  In order to ensure these goals are met, however, the school day must have effective and efficient flow.  After all, a student cannot learn in chaos.  Consequently, a framework must be in place to help fulfill the NCA vision of training students to be Christian thinkers, communicators, and servant leaders.

As a result, the Survival Guides serves to enhance each student’s overall learning experience by providing rules and procedures to afford students every opportunity for success, each time they step on campus.  In addition, these guides also serves as an outline of student rights and seeks to help them engage the process and take ownership of their educational opportunities.


Elementary Survival Guides

Middle School Survival Guides

High School Survival Guides