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            As people get older, their bodies become prone to getting weaker. Their bones are more susceptible to become stifled and break. Fortunately, the way to combat this is to manage your health effectively. When people manage their health, they keep track of it through routinely procedures. For instance, if someone has a goal to lose weight, he or she may set a daily time to work towards it. To manage your health, you should maintain a proper diet, exercise to keep your muscles in use, and pray and think about the different choices available.

            First, to manage your health, you should make sure that you are eating healthily. One way to do that is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables are both high in vitamins and nutrients, which can help the body. For example, watermelon contains vitamin C and can reduce cholesterol levels. Carrots also contain carotenoids, which can help prevent vision loss and cancer. In addition, you can eat healthily by avoiding foods that are high in cholesterol. Foods that are high in fat include pork, lamb, and potato chips. While it is okay to consume these foods, they must be done so in moderation. If you wanted to eat unhealthy foods, you should plan a schedule for them, such as once every week or so. This way, the vitamins you are receiving from the fruits and vegetables will outweigh the fats from the unhealthy foods.

            Next, exercising can be an efficient way to manage your health. Exercise is advantageous because it helps keep your muscles strong and flexible. There are many exercises you can do, even if you do not have any equipment. Specifically, push ups are a free way to exercise, and they can also improve your posture and cardiovascular system. Other exercises you can do include running or jogging, which will help keep your legs strong. Although these exercises may seem tiresome at first, they become easier to handle when you stick with a regular routine. Consistently doing them lets your body get used to it, so that they become easier to handle.

            Finally, you should pray and meditate on God’s Word to manage your health. It is just as important to manage your spiritual health as it is your physical health. To do this, you should start by praying. When you pray, it allows you to have a conversation with God. In this conversation, you could thank God, ask for help for you or someone else, or whatever you would like to talk about. To help with managing your health, you could ask God for strength to maintain your diet and exercise routine. In addition, you could thank God for giving you the resources to manage your health. Not only will prayer help, but meditation on God’s word will also be beneficial. This allows you to focus your mind and ruminate on important decisions. This is a good practice for health management because it can decrease your anxiety.

            In conclusion, managing your health will improve your body and your mind. You can manage your health by maintaining a healthy diet. You can do this by consuming more fruits and vegetables, and fewer foods high in cholesterol. Additionally, you can manage your health by exercising. Exercise keeps your bones from growing weak, and it will become easier the more you practice it. Lastly, prayer and meditation on his word are excellent ways to improve your health. Prayer allows you to communicate with God, and meditation on his word can help ease your stress and anxiety. If you are not doing so already, hopefully you can apply these tips into a healthier lifestyle.


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