Campus Security - Phase 2: Vehicle Decals

Phase 2 of the new campus security upgrades will consist of having a vehicle tag in each vehicle that arrives on campus between the hours of 8:30am-2:30pm. Security personnel will begin stopping vehicles on January 22nd during these non-rush hour times who do not have a proper vehicle tag displayed when arriving on campus. Those that do not have a vehicle decal will be provided with a temporary visitor decal and will need to sign in and provide a valid ID which will be held with security while on campus. A detailed list of procedures will be listed below that security will follow when a visitor decal is issued. As we continue enhancing our security upgrades, the ultimate goal of these upgrades is to create a safer environment for our students and constituents.

Issuing a Temporary Visitor Decal

Fill out the “Security Sign In” form which will ask for:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Time (time of arrival)
  • Here For (church or school)
  • Reason for Visit (child pickup, child drop-off, tour/registration, school office, or other)

Driver’s license will be given to and held with security personnel while on campus

Visitor sticker will be given and will need to be visible while walking on campus

Temporary visitor decal will be issued and will need to be returned when exiting the campus