Early Learning

Overview of the 2 and 3 year old classes as presented with A Beka and other curricula:

Development Goals

  • Help with happy separation from parents and aid in their adjustment to their new surroundings.
  • To create a sense of security between the children and teacher.
  • To teach the children to respond, respect, love, and obey the teacher.
  • To teach good classroom habits that will create a pleasant learning environment.
  • To help children improve each day in cooperation and unselfishness.
  • To build self-confidence in each child.
  • To show the love of God to each child in the way you teach and react to the children each day.


The teachers and educators are to watch and see that each student is watching and participating, making sure their attention span is increasing each day. The teacher also makes sure to evaluate the routines and habits of each student to determine what needs practicing. The teacher also needs to keep in close contact with parents to make sure that the child's adjustment is being closely monitored.

With the two year old child the curriculum is different and less structured than the three year old.

With each group of children (2 or 3) we teach according to the class age, the colors, shapes, numbers and number concept, recognition of letters, and the sound of the letter.

The 3 yr. group will work in a workbook on letters and sounds, but the 2 year old child will not. The two year old however does have a numbers book as do the three year old.

We also work on skills in arts and crafts with each group according to age and ability.

We also work on Character Building Skills and Character Development. The teachers have cards where the character is pointed out in the card (2 per trait) and spoken of by the teacher.

The teacher is also working with Language Development skill cards that she/he introduces by means of pictures, stories, songs, poems, and games that children will enjoy. The cards teach about animals, people, places, and things. They develop their language skills, listening skills; strengthen their motor skills and appreciation for God's world.

A most important learning tool is the Bible. They have a Bible story told on Monday and memory verse as well as a picture that goes along with the story. This is reviewed during each day for the week.

Themes are worked on during the year as well as Special Holidays and happenings